Legal services for a fixed price

With the continuing legal services of KPF, you know in advance how much your legal matters cost now and in the future. This makes budgeting more straightforward and helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Advice and service available when needed

For the clients that use the continuing legal service, we appoint a contact person with who can be contacted when a legal problem is encountered. The appointed person can be contacted easily, and all contacts will get an answer quickly. The clients that use the continuing legal service are prioritized in the work order.

Get low-threshold services economically

Often it is not easy to get definite answers for legal questions, as the threshold for using professionals is high. When using our continuing legal service, the threshold to asking questions is low, because our monthly services have already been paid. Thus, our clients will not be left alone with their problem.

Main terms and conditions

Our continuing legal service includes a certain number of hours that are agreed on in advance. The service is billed monthly. It is possible to save the hours that have not used to be used in the following months. With a separate agreement, also the oncoming monthly hours can be used. The content of the service will be agreed on separately.



The companies that have used our service have been very content with our service. The service has been praised on especially on its professionalism, effortlessness, and cost-efficiency.

Some of our reference clients that have over one-million revenue are:

•    Buutti Oy (Software company) 
•    Staffmax Oy (the largest staffing company of Northern Finland)
•    Suomen Biovoima Oy (waste treatment and renewable energy)

Tilintarkastus lisäpalveluna

Tarjoamme vähintään kaksi tuntia kuukaudessa ostaville asiakkaille tilintarkastuspalvelun kauukausilaskun hintaan sisältyen. Tilintarkastuspalvelun toteuttaa riippumaton kolmas osapuoli, Aktiiva Taloushallinto Oy (Y: 2684895-8). Tämän lisäpalvelun käyttö edellyttää, että tämä kolmas osapuoli voi tilintarkastajaa koskevien lakien, sääntöjen, määräysten ja eettisten ohjeiden mukaan ottaa toimeksiannon vastaan.